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Mission: To provide exigent, gap funding – on a short-term basis – for U.S. Military Veterans & their families principally for housing needs.

Experiences in Illinois and Washington, taught the founders of Operation Veteran Success that the
gaps in Veterans Administration (VA) benefits – or the lag times in their delivery of services/appeals – cause
emergencies. These exigent examples of the need for short-term housing assistance as well as other ancillary
needs compelled them to act. Through online GoFundMe campaigns, donations and passing the hat, veterans
assistance has been provided temporarily in the past. After further examining the VA structures and other third-
party charities such as the Salvation Army, the American Legion, and Habitat for Humanity, OVS founders determined that exigent funding sources on a short-term basis are vital.

Our vision at Operation Veteran Success (“OVS”) is to launch a fundraising effort so to afford relief to several
Veteran communities in Illinois and other states identified as not having such urgent funding sources. Rather
than construct homes or set up emergencies shelter, often a few months’ rent can maintain housing while the
veteran and their families obtain or return to gainful employment and receive their deserved VA benefits. Often
the VA benefits are not immediately available such as our organization pledges itself to provide an application/
interview process on a rapid turn-around basis.

Alternative Resources/Partnerships: OVS will review alternative veterans’ resources as to their
existence, legal status, and integrity by forging relationships, communication, and awareness of these entities.
OVS will employ ethical standards, humanity, and dignity in the application and awards process, and maintain
confidentiality among its Board Members and volunteers. OVS is non-partisan, employing EEO standards and
partnering and using resources that do not violate domestic or international standards as to slavery, sex
trafficking, etc.

Criteria: OVS does not restrict the veteran applicants those serving a minimum of a particular number of years
military service. However, OVS will request that applicants provide evidence of (1) their Veteran service status
(honorable or general discharge), (2) family members (if any), (3) their eligibility (as determined by OVS),
(4) their seeking other resources providers, including reaching out to a local, certified (by the Veterans
Administration) Veteran Service Officer (VSO)-staffed organizations first, (5) articulating the need for exigent
relief, (6) their plans for remediation of the exigent need, and (7) notification to OVS of their status following
the VSO’s grant after six months to one year.

OVS is a 501(1) (c) (3) in which almost half of its Board Members are veterans. We include two
VSOs, four attorneys and a CPA as members of the Board of Directors. OVS will file an IRS Form 990
annually, and has an EIN number of 93-4386798. The OVS Board has representatives from 5 branches of the
US military as well as all four regions of the US.