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Rent Crisis Averted

This past week, Operation Veteran Success made a grant to a U.S. Army veteran, his wife, and 2 children (soon to be 3) to help stave off eviction. By coordinating with a Veteran Resource Specialist of the Virginia Veteran and Family Support section of the Virginia Department of Veteran Services, OVS paid back rent and overdue utility bills on behalf of this Veteran family. The Vet had recently lost his job, and his spouse had to take leave from hers due to her high-risk pregnancy. This combination of circumstances was the cause of their current financial difficulties. The Vet is actively seeking employment and expected to land a new job imminently. OVS, working with the Resource Specialist, convinced the landlord to waive late rent fees, and OVS enabled the family to get current on their rent (and utility) payments. Crisis averted. OVS’s donors’ contributions really DO make a difference! #opvetsuccess #vettheneed

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