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Vet The Need

We improve the lives of veterans in need by providing stop-gap financing to meet challenges frequently encountered by people making big life changes. Whether it’s the deposit on a new apartment, or the money to make a car repair, our aim is to remove obstacles and help veterans move forward with their lives.


Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of veterans in need.

Your generosity makes our work possible.



Your generosity makes our work possible.

Latest Activity

Men obtaining bikes from bicycle provider
Transportation Obtained

An Illinois Veteran Service Officer contacted OVS because two of the veterans he served needed bicyc…

Housing Crisis Resolved

A Virginia Veteran was living in his car while he waited for a housing voucher. After a conversation…

Belongings Secured

A Virginia veteran transitioning to a permanent home after a period of homelessness was at risk for …

Emergency Stay

A Vet and his family needed emergency shelter for two weeks as they moved from one home to another. …

Mortgage Money

A Dupage County veteran with Cancer needed temporary mortgage assistance. OVS provided the needed fu…

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